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Eta Chi Omega (ECO)

Welcome to the Eta Chi Omega (ECO) Boutique, your one-stop destination for the chapter's attire! Enjoy browsing our collection and purchase your preferred attire at your convenience to showcase your ECO pride.

Purchasing Instructions

For the AKA Classic Black Blazer and Green AKA SS Polo, please click each picture to be directed to the respective vendor's website to place your order. For the Community Service T-shirt, please see visit the store to place your order. 

Vendor: The Real Greek 

Item: AKA Classic Black Blazer 

Price: $139.99 (without shipping and taxes) 

Vendor: Valley Greek, LLC

Item: Green AKA SS Polo 

Price: $40.00 (without shipping and taxes) 

Vendor: Greek Expressions

Group Order Name: AKA - Grad Chapter Community Service T Shirt 

Price: $31.49 (with tax) 

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200 Bertrand Street

Lafayette, LA 70506

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