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Welcome to our official website! I am Marilyn D. Marshall, MD - President of Eta Chi Omega.


Locally, Eta Chi Omega Chapter has served this community and the surrounding communities since 1963. Nationally, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated   has served communities since 1908.


Our current International President, Dr. Glenda Glover, has created a program that calls for ACTION and SERVICE. Our international theme is “Exemplifying Excellence Through Sustainable Service”. We will partner with organizations locally, regionally and nationally to provide programs to the community that make a dramatic impact. Targeted program areas include health and wellness, supporting the arts, economic well being, global initiatives and support to HBCUs - historically black colleges and universities. The signature program #CAP (College Admissions Process) is designed to help prepare high school young women and young men for college by supporting them through the admission process.


Look for us as we serve on several impact days throughout the year.


In the words of Dr. Glover “We will work with heightened enthusiasm and incredible passion, joining hands as we implement initiatives under our theme Exemplifying Excellence Through Sustainable Service, to inspire our communities and renew our efforts to be of service to all mankind.”



Marilyn D. Marshall, MD

President, Eta Chi Omega


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